Relationships are the core of our business. We are always seeking to expand our network of partners, and our referral programs are customized for you.
We look forward to working with you towards our shared goal of providing real estate investors with exceptional service.

RD Advisors's Broker Program is built to be a partnership where we both win together. With competitive pricing, monthly payments per performing loan, and competitive rates for your clients, you’ll have everything you need to earn more in less time. Compensation not available in every state and only available to certain qualified persons.


We understand what speed means to both you and your customers. With deals closing sometimes as fast as 10 days.


We have reliable sources of capital committed to provide us financing, ensuring that we will always be ready for your clients’ projects.


Our pricing is designed to meet your borrowers’ needs. Rates start at 8.95% and typically range from 9 to 12%. We offer up to 85% of the total cost of the home’s purchase and up to 100% of the costs of rehabilitation.


In the event your borrower contacts RD Advisors directly, we will notify you to let you know. This will enable you to get in touch with your client. If they would like to work directly with RD Advisors and its funds, we will share revenue of every loan your borrower originates with us for the first year.

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Rates and other terms advertised are the best currently offered. This is not an offer to make a loan. Loans are offered and made by our funds in RD Advisors' discretion and these terms may change at any time. In addition, actual leverage, rates and other terms may vary based on approval criteria, including but not limited to FICO score, credit and background checks, previous experience, period of ownership, etc.