Refinance Program

Refinancing of commercial loans secured by 1-4 family residential or mixed use property.
Interest Rate
9.95% - 12%
1% - 3%
Advance Rate on Purchase
Advance Rate on Rehab or New Construction
100% of cost
Advance Rate on Current Value
Up to 75%
Loan % to After Rehab Value
Property Types
Single Family, Multi Family, Mixed Use
Extension Available
Cross Collateral / Blanket Loans
Loan Size
$200k - $2M
Loan Terms
12 Months
Cash Out Option Available
  1. On any single transaction
  2. This only reflects an expected closing time. Actual closing times vary.
Rates and other terms advertised are the best currently offered. This is not an offer to make a loan. Loans are offered and made by our funds in RD Advisors' discretion and these terms may change at any time. In addition, actual leverage, rates and other terms may vary based on approval criteria, including but not limited to FICO score, credit and background checks, previous experience, period of ownership, etc.