As of March 15, 2021

This discount offer is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Get a virtual coupon (the “Coupon”) for $500 off (the “Discount”) of the otherwise applicable Closing Fee for the first loan closed with RD Advisors and its funds and affiliates and funding partners (the “Lender”).  This offer is valid until April 16, 2021 (the “Offer Expiration Date”).  All Coupons expire October 15, 2021.
  2. The Discount applies to sponsors, borrowers, guarantors and their affiliates (collectively for each such affiliated group of entities, a “Sponsor”) that have not closed a loan with the Lender and that are not currently included in the Lender’s electronic mailing list (the “Mailing List”).
  3. Only one entry is permitted per Sponsor and each Sponsor will only receive one Discount for one loan. Coupons may not be combined and may not be transferred or resold.
  4. Completing the steps below and being entitled to a Discount only entitles you to a Discount if a loan is closed on or before October 15, 2021 (the “Coupon Expiration Date”).  In addition, this is not an offer for a loan.  Becoming entitled to a Discount does not entitle you to receive a loan from the Lender or to even being considered for a loan.  The lender has its own eligibility procedures for loans and, in addition, makes loan in his sole discretion based on various criteria, including funds availability and management, diversification and composition of its existing loan portfolio.  Nothing in this offer or in the receipt of a Discount entitles you to a loan.
  5. To be eligible for the Discount you must:
    1. Not be included in the Mailing List on or before March 15, 2021.
    2. Successfully register for the Mailing List on or before the Offer Expiration Date.
    3. Save the welcome email received automatically upon successfully signing up (the “Confirmation Email”).  This will be evidence of your Coupon.
    4. Not have closed any previous lending deals with the Lender.
    5. Close your first deal with the Lender on or prior to the Coupon Expiration Date.
    6. Remain registered in the Mailing List at the time of closing.
    7. To claim and use the Coupon, forward the Confirmation Email/Coupon to the Lender’s Operations department and obtain confirmation from the Lender that it was received, all at least three (3) business days’ before the closing date for the loan.
  6. The Discounts are not automatically applied. You are responsible for using your Coupon and claiming your Discount within the deadlines above.
  7. A Coupon may not be applied to a loan after the closing or if it is forwarded to the Lender three business days or later before the closing.  If you have not use a Coupon, you may apply it to your next loan with the Lender if this new loan is made before the Coupon Expiration Date.
  8. The Discount may only be applied to the otherwise applicable Closing Fee, as described on the Term Sheet for the loan issued by the Lender and not to any other fees, charges, interest or costs for the loan.  There is not guarantee as to the amount of the Closing Fee (or that the Closing Fee will not change) and the Closing Fee varies for each loan and rates may be changed in the Lender’s discretion at any time.  If your Closing Fee is less than the Discount, you may only apply the Discount to the extent of the Closing Fee and will not receive money back and this will be considered a use of the Coupon.  In no event shall the Coupon entitle you to receive cash from the Lender – it is only a discount for one particular fee.  The Coupon may not be used in multiple loan closings.
  9. Only one Discount per Sponsor. The maximum Discount per Sponsor is $500 for all loan closings.
  10. The Lender is offering this Discount in a good faith attempt to increase participation in our Mailing List in good faith.  Access to the Mailing List is intended for prospective Sponsors and not for competitors or for any other commercial purpose.  The Lender reserves the right to declare someone ineligible for the Discount, particularly in the event of fraudulent, abusive or any other activity the Lender determines to be unfair or inconsistent with these terms and conditions or the spirit of this Discount, the Lender reserves the right to remove anyone from its Mailing List and deny the Discount and cancel the Coupon.
  11. These terms and conditions, including the Discount and the Coupon, are subject to the law of the State of New York.  Any dispute hereunder shall be resolved in the courts of the State of New York located in the Borough of Manhattan (and any corresponding federal appellate courts). By accepting the Coupon you waive (1) any objection to the laying of venue in any such court for any claim action or proceeding directly or indirectly with respect to, arising out of or relating to these terms and conditions, the Coupon, the Discount or the actions of the Lender or any of its representatives and (2) any right to trial by jury with respect to any such claim, action or proceeding.