Emerging from the Great Lockdown: The Impact on Real Estate

By Ritu Khanna One of my secret life hacks is to automatically skip over anything or anyone pretending to claim what the future holds. Invitation to a webinar on the Outlook for 2020? Delete. That friend who has complete conviction on travel trends for

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Selling in Today’s Market

With so much of our business based in Boston, we wanted to get a sense of how supply and demand for real estate there has been affected by the pandemic. J. Lucky Henry, author of Switch Gears and lead of the Boston Young Investor Network, generously shared his insights with us.

14 min read


The Government Stepped In. Now What?

How the economic stimulus could affect today’s real estate industry. By Juan Quimper Schools and businesses are closed, and millions of people are under orders to stay home. The unemployment rate in the U.S. has soared to over 14% -- the highest

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5 Reasons We Love East Boston

By Ritu Khanna The burgeoning East Boston, or “Eastie,” is perhaps one of the trendiest places to live in the Boston area right now.  Home of the best pizza in Boston, Kennedy family roots, and hands down the best views of the city . . . does

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Spotlight on OnPoint Capital

By Ritu Khanna Some of our clients and readers have been inspired by an extreme makeover on HGTV to renovate a home -- and a few even made money doing it. Recently we’ve gotten more requests from a number of folks looking to

10 min read


5 Things To Look For When Seeking a Lender

By David Kantor You’ve decided to embark on your next real estate project . . . congratulations! Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a first-time fix-and-flipper, you’ll probably need to obtain some financing for your project. Though borrowing for your real estate project may

3 min read


Financing Your Real Estate Project: Bank or Private Lender?

By David Kantor Though “debt” often has a negative connotation, the reality is that most real estate transactions depend on external financing. Despite its notoriety, however, leverage can prove to be valuable if managed appropriately. Not only can it reduce the initial down payment

6 min read


House Flipping: How Technology Has Revolutionized the Process

For years, the real estate industry lagged in technological innovation and adaptation, but fortunately this is changing. In an effort to bring the industry into the modern age, venture capital firms have significantly increased allocations towards property technology, or “proptech.”

4 min read

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